The Eika Alliance

Eika Boligkreditt

Eika Boligkreditt AS is a credit institution owned by 58 Norwegian local banks in the Eika Alliance and OBOS. Its principal purpose is to provide access for the local banks to long-term and competitive funding. The company is licensed as a credit institution, and finances the local banks by issuing internationally rated covered bonds. By virtue of its size, Eika Boligkreditt is able to raise loans in both Norwegian and international financial markets, and to seek financing wherever the best market terms can be obtained at any given time. Eika Boligkreditt ensures that the alliance banks have access to financing on roughly the same terms as the larger banks in the Norwegian market. Eika Boligkreditt consequently ranks as an important contributor to reducing financing risk for the local banks and to ensuring that customers of the local banks achieve competitive terms for their residential mortgages.

The Eika Banks

Local savings banks have contributed to settlement, economic development and security for private customers and the business sector in Norwegian local communities for almost 200 years. The local banks in the Eika Alliance are fully independent and control their own strategy, brand and visual identity. A local presence, advisers with integrated financial expertise, and a clear commitment to their customers and the local community will also ensure them a strong position in the future. The local bank is moreover a trusted and important adviser to the local business community, with the emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises. Through their philanthropic donations, too, the banks in the alliance contribute to innovation, growth and development by financing culture, sports and voluntary organisations. Levels of customer satisfaction with and loyalty to the alliance banks in Eika are among the highest in Norway in both private and company markets.

Eika Gruppen

Eika Gruppen serves as the financial services group in the Eika Alliance, and is owned by 50 local banks. Its strategic foundation is to ensure strong and caring local banks which serve as a driving force for growth and development, for customers and for the local community. The group delivers a complete platform for banking infrastructure, including IT, payment processing and digital services which make the local bank competitive. In addition, it comprises the product companies Eika Forsikring, Eika Kredittbank, Eika Kapitalforvaltning and Aktiv Eiendomsmegling. Eika Boligkreditt was demerged from the Eika Gruppen financial group in 2012, and became directly owned by the local banks and OBOS.