Rating information

Covered bond rating
Covered Bonds issued under Eika Boligkreditt’s EMTCN programme are rated Aaa by Moody’s Investor’s Services and have a Timely Payment Indicator of ‘High’. The TPI Leeway for the covered bonds is three notches.

Eika Boligkreditt’s covered bonds were upgraded to Aaa from Aa1 the 6th of June 2017. More information regarding the rating upgrade is available in the press release published by Moody’s the same date. Following the rating upgrade, Moody's published an in-depth issuer report about the company. The report is available here.

Moody’s also publishes regular performance overview reports and research related to the Notes issued under the Programme. These are available on Moody’s website.

Issuer rating

Eika Boligkreditt AS has an issuer rating from Moody’s Investor Services of A3 and a Counterparty Risk Assessment of A2(cr). The rating was updated the 31st of October 2023. The latest credit opinion is available here.