Cover pool

Funding information regarding the NOK market

In order to increase transparency as to the liquidity of the bonds issued by EIKBOL in the Norwegian market (that operate as a tap market) information regarding the open volume in the various series of Notes is provided in excel downloadable format on a monthly basis. Download the latest version of the file here.

Cover pool information for Eika Boligkreditt AS

Eika Boligkreditt aims to be transparent with regards to the cover pool and other operations. The full published cover pool information, including historical data, is available in Excel format in the table below. In addition to this the cover pool is described in our Investor Presentations.

Cover pool information

The Norwegian Covered Bond market

Finance Norway provides information on the Norwegian Covered Bond market, the Norwegian regulatory framework, as well as statistics on issuance of Norwegian Covered Bonds.

For more information, please visit Finance Norway’s webpage.